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3 December, 2019

i miss you @rileytaylor i miss you @rileytaylor i miss you @rileytaylor

i miss you @rileytaylor

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@kait.davis11 Instagram Profile 19 February, 2020

I’m such a huge fan I wish I was on dance moms with you

@albaluzgb Instagram Profile 18 February, 2020

Hello how are you doing? I want to ask you a great favor. My English is very bad. I have a friend who goes through a very difficult time, suffers from depression. He is your fan, you could make me a video supporting him, telling him that he is strong or in any case write something short. I would appreciate it very much

@ashh_af Instagram Profile 17 February, 2020

Oh. My. God. A new queen ❤️

@_namasteshay Instagram Profile 16 January, 2020

I would just look so dumb if I made those faces and Poses but you look so stunning. Some people got it, and some people don’t.

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