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20 December, 2019

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@garrett_tapper Instagram Profile 7 April, 2020

Love you Lana!💎✨ I’m so excited, this comes at a great time since it’s national poetry month!!

@coxmiya.bae Instagram Profile 3 April, 2020

Stop hating on lana because she is beautiful to that person who said she is loosing her beauty and she is plastic/fake or whatever the hell it was that was said. Can you even afford plastic surgery i know you can see this so step off lana is beautiful always has been and always will be .

@babea.majora Instagram Profile 2 April, 2020

Lana, I love that you have decided to help Native American organizations. I think all the time about the issues we have here in the US; racial divide, turbulent politics, the war on gender AND sex, human trafficking and abuse of children...yet I always wonder why those who have been the most impacted over the centuries are seemingly forgotten in the mess. Native Americans are historically abused and ignored, impoverished and forced from their ancestral homelands. It seems like no one cares anymore. Thank you for shining a light into their hearts in an effort to help ❤️ You inspire me to do more.

@thehardcorehindu Instagram Profile 31 March, 2020

This is a sweet idea and you are capable of SO much more as well ❤️

@alchemyofthevoid Instagram Profile 28 March, 2020

I love your poetry
ever flowing
your smiling face
ever glowing
shines like stars
glistens in the sky
your words like the sun
warming my heart, my mind
true what you speak
what you say heals
revealing what is hidden
and giving me chills
blessings to you
and in all that you say
and all that you do
making this world better
a place for me
a place for you ☺️✌️💜

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