It is a privilege to have been able to portray Bryan Stevenson in Just Mercy. I’m extremely honored today for the world to see his story, character & the hard work of such a diligent production & film team. My hope is that you digest, discuss & share this story for more than just a film, because it isn’t just that. This is a testament of what compassion looks like. It’s a revelation that we all can & must do more. This is Just Mercy.

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@bionda_jd Instagram Profile 2 April, 2020

❤️🔥 You did an amazing job... words can’t describe...

@boriqua_jewel Instagram Profile 30 March, 2020

Thank you for this. 💜 watched this with my nephew & niece (both in their 20’s). Watching this now with my dad. You’re an excellent artist. We’ve seen several of your movies. Blessings to you for your art. 🙏🏽

@seanbean03 Instagram Profile 29 March, 2020

Amazing movie. Bought the book & it’s really good also ❤️.

@djbuddha Instagram Profile 28 March, 2020

Such a great movie and so inspirational and eye opening 💯❤️🙏👊🙌

@loveshertea Instagram Profile 27 March, 2020

I cried 💛 such a beautiful and humbling movie. I know God has a special place in heaven waiting for Mr Stevenson. God bless that man

@rozeta.zogorjani Instagram Profile 27 March, 2020

Beautiful movie! God bless Bryan Stevenson for all he has done for innocent people. 🙏

@ceylin.i.ozturk Instagram Profile 26 March, 2020

just finished watching the movie and cries my eyes out. This made me feel ashamed to be the same kind of creature as the people who decide that they want to divide and disrespect others because of their religion or the color of their skin. I truly think this was the purest movie i’ve ever seen and it made me an even bigger fan of you and jamie♥️ #showsomelove

@nstevens321 Instagram Profile 25 March, 2020

I’m not one to really ever comment or even think to mention a celebrity, but I just finished watching the movie, and I am left speechless! Amazing, and so needed, in the times we are in. @michaelbjordan the final scenes in the courtroom...

@elisavaragnolo Instagram Profile 24 March, 2020

This is so amazing and I I cried at the end of the film. to understand what this man has gone through what happened in four years is crazy. One of the best movies I've ever seen on a true story

@noa.greene Instagram Profile 23 March, 2020

Just watched it. I am beyond moved, inspired, and enlightened. Love love loved the movie! A blessing 🤩🤩

@marcelle_altoe Instagram Profile 21 March, 2020


@keshay81 Instagram Profile 20 March, 2020

Phenomenal Work! Phenomenal Movie!❤️❤️❤️❤️

@raissa_flc Instagram Profile 14 March, 2020

Amazing work!!! Thanks for your job♥️

@_ivyyyyy._ Instagram Profile 12 March, 2020

First 20 minutes in I was balling 😭❤️

@stacyc334 Instagram Profile 1 March, 2020


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