THANK YOU for your sacrifices and service! #Repost @kayleighmcenany
“I’m an Air Force veteran” and “no other President has really stuck their neck out for us,” Billy told me. “He’s trying to keep us out of wars”... @realDonaldTrump “is a real strategic genius.”

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@anne_molly Instagram Profile 27 March, 2020

👍Love it!! I’m Asian American and I will vote for him always.

@em718 Instagram Profile 24 March, 2020


@em718 Instagram Profile 24 March, 2020

Even better, I support my pd 4 me its NYPD BOYZINBLUE .. I got hurt so I couldn't go to the academy

@robertbrown773 Instagram Profile 5 March, 2020

You are very good at praising our Great President Donald Trump

@zayn_pilot Instagram Profile 28 February, 2020

Im from Malaysia i love you so much but i want you keep that House rent for low price in los Angeles.

@taydamobb Instagram Profile 26 February, 2020

I dnt understand why people have to always say some about Obama like he was a bad president he wasn’t but he not da president anyway Trump is n i like dem both don’t always gotta make things about Obama just saying

@whyfu96 Instagram Profile 25 February, 2020

Yes we will🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏾 support the brotherhood❤️❤️❤️

@acadian_dude Instagram Profile 23 February, 2020

Blacks for Trump is like Jews for Hitler! Pathetic Americans!! He will destroy you. It's just a trap!

@holderdenisej Instagram Profile 22 February, 2020

NEGRO PLEASE!!! You must've been asleep on post when he killed that general which almost culminated in WW III. That was too close for comfort. That wasn't the first time either my poor misguided friend. Taking millions of dollars from the military that was already allocated & allocating those funds for his yet to be built wall. That money was for projects long over due but that's irrelevant to him. People are still living in substandard conditions on & off military installations in base housing. It's a disgrace. What exactly is it you said he's done for the military &/or veterans? I'm a disabled veteran as well. Have you been using the "new & improved" VA & their MISSION PROGRAM along with TRI WEST? When you're able to tell me all of these great things that he's done for the military in any or all capacities, you let the rest of us know. I'm waiting with baited breath. Instagram Profile 21 February, 2020

I need to know how much is he paying these people 😩😂😂😂💀

@pam_shep Instagram Profile 20 February, 2020

Our President Is A Very Smart Man.

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