#ad Even if you missed #ShaqsFunHouse in Miami this weekend, you can at least eat like you were there. @PapaJohns new #Papadias out now! (Sry doesn’t come with the Garlic Sauce fountain⛲)

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@atulouakil Instagram Profile 27 February, 2020

😂😂 Shaq, you’re hilarious! Lol 😂

@bpj44101 Instagram Profile 21 February, 2020

Hey, my name is Bobby. I’m a huge fan and have always looked up to you since a child. I fight a rare life threatening pituitary condition called Cushing’s Disease with adrenal insufficiency where had two Pituitary brain tumors removed in Seattle at Swedish Medical Center. I also fight Crohn’s Disease with 4 major surgeries and many close calls. Currently I’m retesting to see if a pituitary recurrence traveling to Phoenix at Barrow Pituitary Center. All forced me to lose career helping others in Law Enforcement. It hasn’t been an easy road but I keep looking to God giving my all. It would be a blessing if could help me meet you with a meet and greet when come to New Orleans for Zoolu 26 at Metropolitan Night club 2/22/2020 in New Orleans. If can help in any way. Thank you so much. -Bobby @djdiesel @shaq 🙏

@alfarez_n Instagram Profile 14 February, 2020

Sorry just want know what a song 😅

@gizmoshor Instagram Profile 9 February, 2020

Can’t tell if this was recorded right after the 26th. He looks a little rough.

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