I think I just got sent home before the season premiere!?!? @jeffprobst

I think I just got sent home before the season premiere!?!? @jeffprobst

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@lambert.cynthia Instagram Profile 21 March, 2020

That's good, no need to watch, see you at your later time and in your tent!😊

@camden.mccaffreyy Instagram Profile 1 March, 2020

Can you and Josh Radnor please get a picture together?! I need to compare your faces and see how many other people agree with the similarities lol

@islaerickson4 Instagram Profile 17 February, 2020

Jimmy hon, when I'm feeling stressed I like watching you and JT and history of rap. A 7 and 8 would be superb and so would Liev Schreiber on your show please? He's as cute as you. :)

@iamstatistic Instagram Profile 13 February, 2020

Bring me and my lil brother on he's the greatest freestyler ever

@walk__by__faith_ Instagram Profile 12 February, 2020

Good afternoon @jimmyfallon I pray all is well. I have been working on an app for many years to limit the number of child abductions as well as lead to the arrest of many pedophiles. I was wondering if you would help me out by promoting my new page so that I can reach anyone who would be willing to invest in launching my app. My goal is to eventually work with the government, but before I can get there I have to start by getting my app off the ground. With so many women going missing I know this app can help save the lives of many. With so many kidnappings going on with women and children I just felt in my heart I can do something to make a change. I can email you more details if you like. @aplusk @thorn

@soy_lilac Instagram Profile 11 February, 2020

Jimin : Jimmy , I'm Jimin !! 😂💜 Эх когда выйдет эпизод с Бтс 😢

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