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18 hours ago

It’s crazy to think that I started my fitness journey 9 years ago! Looking back, I never knew the joy and opportunities it would bring me - but I am grateful EVERYDAY for it. Im grateful for the days I got to the gym when I didn’t want to because I felt too tired or lazy. I’m grateful for the lessons I learned when pushing through the burn and persevering through the pain. I’m grateful for the fitness community I am apart of and built. I’m grateful for the changes in my body that my hard work and consistency in the gym has brought. Living a healthy lifestyle and creating your own fitness journey is a choice that YOU get to make! So make the choice to work towards being the BEST VERSION YOURSELF! Outfit: new @aloyoga 🌸

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@renhulova Instagram Profile 17 March, 2020

those abs are fabulous! hope i will get there soon too!:) you canfollow my fitness journey on my instagram !:)

@wa.yne2396 Instagram Profile 4 March, 2020

I want me and you make fex my baby girl0

@__keelie__ Instagram Profile 25 February, 2020

Hey! I have a question, I find that I have been able to get my body fat % down based on my diet and exercise, but I can’t seem to get my lower abs to stop bloating. Have you ever dealt with that or found a way to help with that?

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