#ad Look who I ran into when I was in Miami for The Big Game! #RideWithTheGeneral

#ad Look who I ran into when I was in Miami for The Big Game! #RideWithTheGeneral

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@dwayne.d248 Instagram Profile 1 April, 2020

The General is cool and all but who the babe?

@levyprince Instagram Profile 22 February, 2020

Yoh @shaq ...dude you literally hushed up the hash tag 😂😂😂😂 you holding that shit up like it be a little thong bruh, how big is you man 🙌🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂

@luquetravis Instagram Profile 16 February, 2020

Ion mean to be Gay WHATSOEVER! 💯💀💯 BUT CAN YOU IMAGINE THE SIZE OF SHAQS... Bat if he played baseball? 😉💀😂

@bubba_marsig22 Instagram Profile 15 February, 2020

“Phil Jackson took us to 4 finals out of five years, in the next five years if a coach takes his team to the finals 4 out of five years I’ll kiss his feet on fear factor with cheese on his feet. I will. It will never be done again.” - shaq..... I think it’s time to lick some Steve Kerr dawgggss!!!

@ya.heediat Instagram Profile 11 February, 2020

NEW CHALLENGE ‼️ @eggchallenge_ can you balance an egg like how they balancing a broom?? Check out my profile!! Dm me your vids and let’s go viral !!

@smileboyfaithoops Instagram Profile 10 February, 2020

Good day Shaq, hope all is well. Would you be willing to assist a startup company with a small loan. I am Dave Morrison, VP of Business Development at Ukudala Fashion Institute, Inc. 9734897084. God bless. #URGENT

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